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When you think of Italian desserts, delicious gelato always comes to mind. Here at Gelati Creation, our goal is for you to enjoy your popsicle with “A Pop of Happiness”! Gelati Creation serves freshly made gelato popsicles daily. We proudly use all natural ingredients along with no added coloring, preservatives, or artificial flavoring. Gelati Creation also offers unlimited dipping of organic dark and milk chocolate specially selected from TCHO and fun toppings which include sprinkles, Oreo cookies, and the highest quality of nuts. All of these are included in our decorating station where our Gelati Creation specialist will strive to create a unique popsicle catered to your taste. We hope our healthier take on popsicles will satisfy your sweet tooth.

Sorbetto Popsicle:

Our sorbetto popsicles are produced with seasonally available fruits and natural ingredients. As of now, we have a variety of 12 flavors including but not limiting to: peach, guava, mango, and strawberry. However, we serve 8 flavors daily, but we then adjust our selection each day to promote diversity to our customers.

Gelato Popsicle:

Our gelato popsicles are made with milk, cream, sugar and our all-natural Gelati Creation base, to give our popsicles their unique texture and delicious flavor. One of the reasons gelato is a great choice is due to the fact it only contains 6-8% of fat compared to ice cream which has 16-20% of fat.

About us


About us