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Popsicle Order Up To 200

Gelati Creation puts a new, unique, and personal twist to everyone’s favorite Italian dessert. We offer a wide selection of creamy gelato popsicles as well as fruity sorbetto popsicles. All of our popsicles are made in store daily with all-natural ingredients and topped with organic TCHO chocolate and nuts.

We are so glad you have chosen Gelati Creation to cater for your special event! This package ranges from 30 to 200 decorated and packaged popsicles. It is mandatory to place your order at least a week prior to your event to finalize and ensure your order will be delivered on time. We will transport your popsicles to your destination in a timely manner and be sure to provide the necessary utensils, which include napkins and trays.

* Must Order 1 Week in Advance

* Option A: We can included a person stay to serve for one hour just to help pass out the popsicle all pop with Dipping & topping must pre done before deliver on site.

* Option B: Order 100 and up I recommend to have our professional team to have the whole section setup on site included the Dipping & Topping on site to impress you how nice & creative of every pop of happiness.

* See more pictures in the catering page LINK

There are 2 available services depending on the amount ordered:

Package A: We will provide one of our Gelati Specialists at your special event to set up, organize, and serve the pre-dipped and packaged popsicles.

Package B (100 or more popsicles): We will provide a team of our Gelati Specialists to customize popsicles at your special event. They will be responsible for setting up the dipping and topping station along with serving your guests in a professional manner. Guests will be able to create and enjoy their own “Pop of Happiness”.


Tel: 510 882 1628

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