Gelati Creation puts a new, unique, and personal twist to everyone’s favorite Italian dessert. We offer a wide selection of creamy gelato popsicles as well as fruity sorbetto popsicles to satisfy your sweet tooth. Gelati Creation creates simple yet delicious flavors daily; using only seasonally available fruits, our sorbetto popsicles contain the freshest ingredients possible. Both gelato and sorbetto popsicles are made in store daily with all-natural ingredients. Some customer favorites are mango, peach, coconut, tiramisu, almond pistachio, and hazelnut. Gelati Creation is not a franchise but does hope to expand in many locations worldwide. The creators of the store are very ambitious and they hope to expand the business with hot and cold teas in the future.


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Our Gelati Creation specialists will help you create your vision of your “Pop of Happiness”. With a vast selection of dippings and toppings, every Popsicle can be personalized uniquely to your taste buds. If you’re having a hard time deciding, our Gelati Creation specialists have created some of their favorite pairings which include: Ferrero Rocher, Almond Joy, Too Much Chocolate, Banana Unsplit, Caramel Cookie Crunch, and Cookies and Cream.”



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